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Arsenal One

We carry Hillyard's Arsenal One - Dilution Control Simplified. Just one refill container with three dispensing options: dedicated, quick change and portable.

It simplifies training, streamlines procurement, enhances safety, improves cleaning outcomes, lowers total cost. It uses closed loop technology for uncompromised performance, accurate dilution, and no tip maintenance. See it in action!

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Cleaning Companion

Manual cleaning is hard, demoralizing work - bending, reaching and scrubbing! It's the main reason restrooms continue to be the largest source of complaints, and the biggest cleaning headache for facility managers. With traditional, manual methods, surfaces rarely get the thorough cleaning they need, creating unsightly conditions and the perfect breeeding ground for odor-causing bacteria!

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Multi-Flo XP

Easy to Use, Excellent Results - It's in the design. Being in the floor coatings business for over 100 years has its advantages. Our coatings experience has led to a design that consistently delivers better results with minimal operator training. Multi-Flow XP takes about the same amount of skill to operate as a push lawn mower. Easy to use, excellent results!

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