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Floor Care Guide


Maintenance of these two tiles is very similar in the fact that they can be cleaned with pretty much any of Hillyard’s great cleaning solutions. When thinking about coating one of these types of surfaces it’s important to remember that porcelain simply will not accept a floor polish and only certain types of “unglazed” ceramic tiles will accept a floor polish. If coating an “unglazed” ceramic tile one might use Seal 341. Hillyard offers a number of great cleaning solutions for porcelain and ceramic tiles:

Suprox (neutral pH)
Arsenal Restroom Cleaner (acidic pH)
Super Shine-All (neutral pH)
Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner (neutral pH)
Top Clean (neutral pH)
Restroom Cleaner/Disinfectant (acidic pH)
Citrus-Scrub (neutral pH)

It is always advised that the directions on the label be followed exactly as written.